Stay At Home Order – Maryland

The beginning… March 3, 2020. Our new stay at home order. Because our state has not complied with the “no large gathering” order and has violated several times, we have been issued a stay at home order. What does that mean? It’s basically a lock down without saying it’s a lock down. We are still able to exercise and shop for only essentials. But there are still several sightings of people not following the “Stay At Home”order only because there are still capabilities to be outside personal homes. With those capabilities, there are still going to be others who will push the limits, see what they can get away with. Some of the population is in complete fear and won’t step outside their homes. Others will try anarchy and refuse to listen. I am not for a state wide lockdown, but who is to say we will safe. In the event if this order will be lifted, who is to say there aren’t people who are carriers or infected without symptoms that will roam and start this pandemic all over again. Is the “order” long enough to heal? Is it enough time to rid ourselves to be safe? Will it ever be safe again?

Protect Yourself

A Night Like This…

Sitting here in agonizing pain, I watch my son with his two friends argue about a video game. This is their normal night time ritual. I feel deadly sick, due to the horrific amounts of pollen that has bestowed upon us this fluctuating Spring. Somehow, I was easily convinced into letting my son have two friends over for the night. The amounts of congestion and phlegm that flow through my body weakens me. My thoughts are slowly malfunctioning and eyesight is overbearingly cloudy. I am not a fan of this season. Sure, the colors become vibrant and full, everything starts coming back to life. The pollen is not admired in our household. All of us remain ill due to this hazard of this season. We try everything to alleviate all this suffering but it is never ending, until the next season. While life comes back to our surroundings, we fall back to confine ourselves in the depths of our dark house. We hide. We’re miserable. We feel destroyed.